About us

Colara is a platform where the users can collect digital sticker albums and in some cases receive a physical copy of the album they collected. This will keep you safe of storing lots of spare stickers, a scenario that usually occurs when collecting. In this case, the physical album that you receive is exactly like the one that you collected digitally but without any spare stickers. The collecting process is completely digitally without removing the pleasure that comes from making a collection.

From an ecologic point of view, the environment is spared and the trades are 100% secure because no physical presence is required.

From any device and at any given moment, the users can check on their digital albums, and with the use of their mobile app, provide a set of very dynamic features. For instance, the trades that can be made in a very similar way when compared to the real world trades. You can also use a mobile app to access Colara, available for iOS and Android.

We will try to provide a large array of themes for your collections so that, at least for once in your life, you can have the pleasure of making a collection and effectively completing it.