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    What awaits you?

    Hello, welcome to Colara, a platform that allows you to do digital collections, in a simple, economic and ecological way, as if it was a physical album. If you have any doubts, follow the steps below and have fun!

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    To access Colara and get to know everything we have to offer you, you have to begin by registering. It’s free!

    You can register by filling a form or using your social media account (facebook, Google or twitter). If you choose to fill the form, you will receive an email with instructions to follow so we can activate your account.

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    Add albums

    To begin your collections you have to add albums to your account! You can add as many as you wish. By clicking on “Add album” you will be sent to the Kiosk where you can search the available albums by language, category or key-word. Choose your favorites and add them to your account.

  4. 04

    Get packets

    When you open your album you will find, at all times, a menu bar at the top of the page where you can select the actions you wish to perform: get packets; glue the stickers; use vouchers; trades stickers; etc. Even though Colara has a few free albums, there are some others in which the stickers have to be purchased: to do this you have to use the credits you have on your account.

  5. 05

    Trade and glue stickers

    When buying the packets for the digital stickers, the stickers are delivered ramdomly and you can trade them in an easy and simple way. Search the registered users with whom you can trade your stickers, glue the stickers and have access to prizes, vídeos and exclusive content.

  6. 06

    Finish your album

    As soon as you finish your digital album, you will receive an alert or an email and you can, in most cases, get the physical and printed version of the album in the Kiosk by buying it directly on Colara.

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    Join us!

    With Colara you can complete your collection in a funner and playful way, interacting with your friends, family and other users from all over the world in a competitive environment that has several and different challenges. What are you waiting for?