We have new features!

Colara has new features!

In short, here’s what we developed:

- New Album presentation page.

- New way to visualize your albums.

- New credit distribution system.

To know more about each of these new features, keep reading and we’ll explain what these new features are and how each of them work:

- New Album presentation page: now whenever you add a new album (on the page “Add new”), when you click on one of them you can see more information about each new album. Beside the price of each pack, you can now see the vouchers you can use and see some of the stickers that are part of the collection.

- New way to visualize your albums: forget the grey bar on your left side! Now the bar is in the top of the page so you can still access the same places you could before but you can now see your album in a bigger size, as if it was right in front of you on top a table.

- New credit distribution system: this feature will allow you to have better control over your credits or your child’s, so you can make sure they aren’t wasted disproportionately. This new feature allows you to hide/remove credits that will only be available for use in the dates you decide. This way, if you charge your account with 300 credits, you can receive 150 tomorrow, another 150 next week and the rest of them in 2 months.