New ways to trade stickers!

Colara has good news for you! This time we’re announcing the development of the trading process so you can have more opportunities to get a sticker that you don’t have or even to give away stickers that you can’t use anymore.

With the new trading system, there are two ways of trading:

- Stickers for stickers: this is the process that has been in use.

- Stickers for credits: you can offer ‘x’ credits to a user that has the sticker you want but you can also sell your stickers to other users that need them.

To trade stickers for credits, you have to search all tradable items and select the user with a green symbol.


this new functionality only works within the same albums, for example, stickers of The Amazing World of Cats can only be traded and sold for stickers of that album. There can’t be any trades between different albums.