Colara has a gift for you!

It’s Christmas time and Colara has a special gift for you: a new album is available. Hand-drawn by the Spanish illustrator Carmura Lenteja, we’ve recently made available the album “Art History”. This album is available for free (every 4 hours you can get a new free packet of stickers) since the artist wants “to fill every single heart with art”.

In the end of this year, we invite you to the journey with Minerva, the roman Goddess of Wisdom and Art, who introduces to us a lot of artistic tendencies, with the beginning in the Paleolithic, in the year 25.000 b.C., going through Egyptian and Baroque style and finishing with an homage to cinema and photography.

Begin this adventure now, using this voucher: 9451086 | 3887790 | 9525957 | 2712924 | 4924644 | 1838214

Colara wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year, with a lot of albums and stickers beneath the tree.